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Is Brownells The best place to buy blueing compound. I have used some stuff from local shops but it dont seem to give a rich oxide look . Brownells has a few options. Whats the better brand ?

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The ONLY way to get a good rich smooth bluing job is at 290-295 degrees depending on the age of the bluing salts. I have used brownells #7 and 84 for years. Then for some months they were out snd could not get it. So i switched to Du-Lite salts.
Cold bluing is great for small parts or touch up but does not blend well or have a smooth rich finish.
For touch up i use oxpho blue or 44-40 paste or liquid.
Hope that helps.

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Sure does I will get back on there again see if they still carry that.

I have used Brownells oxpho-blue for small touch ups on my blue steel handguns for years; and been very please. Large projects would require something, probably hot bluing, to properly address. One thing I can say about oxpho-blue; it has proven to be more durable than some current factory bluing, including Colt and S&W. But it is not enough of a color match to use on large areas.


Good review!!! Thank you!

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Justified is good. All the seasons.
Hot blue is always my choice if available.
The guy that used to do it for us passed.
The more the firearm is polished the better it turns out.

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IS that something special only a gunsmithing place can get or can I buy some ?

I have seen it advertised but aint watched it yet

Brownells sells the bluing salts. You have a heated tank w/the proper mixture to the proper temperature then drop on the steel pieces.

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