Most Gun-Friendly States in 2024

How does your state rank in terms of encouraging legal gun ownership? Our results are surprising! We took into account the current gun laws, current legislators’ past voting history, 2A-centric taxes, and more to bring you this comprehensive list for 2024.

Report Highlights:

  • New Hampshire is #1 thanks to its incredibly relaxed gun laws, low crime rates, and lack of state sales tax.
  • West Virginia is #2 due to recent legislative actions to remove firearm restrictions and reduce sales tax on firearms and ammunition.
  • Arkansas, Montana, and Mississippi are #3, #4, and #5, thanks to their pro-2A governors, stand-your-ground laws, and relaxed carry and conceal requirements.
  • Utah, Arizona, and Arkansas all dropped in the rankings to #25, #24, and #23 due to their current governor’s Second Amendment stance.
  • Some states ranked better than others due to the current governors’ past and present 2nd Amendment voting history.

Our ranking factors and how we weighed each of those factors are detailed here: “Ranking Factors: What Did We Measure?”. Our sources are listed here. If you’d like to see a larger version of our “Friendliest States for Gun Owners Map”, it’s here. Without further ado, please scroll down to see how we ranked America’s best states for gun owners in 2024.

Best States for Gun Owners

#25 Utah

While Utah does allow open and concealed carry it isn’t necessarily a Constitutional Carry state because the firearm must be unloaded and secured[12] if you do not have the state’s CCW. Those over 18 can carry a firearm without a permit as long as it takes two actions to load it. Those with a permit can open or concealed carry a loaded firearm (excluding restricted areas), and travel to 36 other states (with 48 states honored).

While there aren’t any additional taxes, firearm purchasers will pay an additional $7.50 for background checks. However, those with an in-state CCW are exempt from this fee. There also aren’t any tax exemptions for firearms and ammunition purchases.

Those in Salt Lake County do have a duty to perform background checks for person-to-person purchases. Utah has stand-your-ground laws[13] with no duty to retreat to protect those acting in self-defense from prosecution.

Recently, Governor Spencer Cox[14] made remarks that he is open to discussing gun regulation measures. However, actions speak louder than words and the governor did sign legislation[15] in 2022 to keep local municipalities from enacting gun control restrictions.

#24 Arizona

Arizona is a Constitutional Carry state allowing citizens to carry a firearm (open or concealed) without a permit. It’s also a shall-issue permit state[1], meaning the state must issue a permit to all eligible residents. Those over 18 can open carry a firearm without a permit, but only those over 21 can purchase handguns and conceal firearms with no permit.

The state’s CWP (Conceal Weapon Permit[2]) is valid in a whopping 36 states, and those traveling to AZ can open carry in most places[3]. If you ever find yourself in a threatening situation, AZ does have the Castle Doctrine, and there’s no duty to retreat.

Firearms are subject to the state sales tax but exempt from the TPT (transaction privilege tax[4]) as of January 1, 2023. Arizona sits comfortably near the top of our list at the moment, but with new Governor Katie Hobbs, we can’t be sure the state will remain on this list. Her voting record[5] does not comfortably align with other Pro-2A governors.

#23 Kansas

Kansas is a Constitutional Carry state where citizens can open or conceal carry a firearm without a permit.[6]

Those 18 and over can apply for the state’s CCHL (Concealed Carry Handgun Licenses). You don’t have[7] to get a CCHL in Kansas, register your firearms, or pass background checks outside of the standard federal checks.

Kansas tax rates are the same for firearms as they are for any other goods, and there are no tax breaks[8] for components or safe storage accessories. Kansas also has a Castle Doctrine with no duty to retreat[9]. Citizens with a CCHL can visit 39 other states with their firearms.

Kansas’s Governor, Laura Kelly, recently vetoed a bill[10] to teach firearm-appropriate training and also advocates for[11] harsher background checks and even some equipment bans.

#22 Iowa

As another Constitutional Carry state, Iowa allows law-abiding citizens to open or concealed carry firearms under permitless carry laws but still offers a PCW (Permit to Carry Weapons[16]) for those over 21 years of age (those under 18 are eligible if the permit is required for work). The state honors 49 others’ CCWs, while Iowa’s citizens can carry in 33 states with a PCW.

While those purchasing firearms are still subject to federal background checks, a permit is no longer required in the mid-western state. Of course, standard sales tax[17] also applies to all firearms and ammunition purchases, but some state legislators have supported firearms tax holidays in the past.

Citizens do have some protections with Iowa’s self-defense laws[18], and there’s no duty to retreat. On another note, the state is considering passing legislation[19] to allow gun owners to keep firearms in their vehicles on school campuses.

We are seeing some progress in Iowa for gun owners in the state under Governor Kim Reynolds. She was instrumental in passing legislation[20] that stopped requiring permits for purchases, and we’re interested to see where Iowa ranks in the list of best states for gun ownership in coming years.

#21 Georgia

Georgia is a Constitutional Carry state that allows those over 21[21] who are lawfully permitted to possess firearms to conceal a firearm in some places. The state honors carry permits from 32 other states, and 33 states accept Georgia’s WCL. Among the standard licensure requirements, those with previous mental illness cannot legally possess firearms, as is the case with many states due to Federal background checks.

Georgia does not require residents to register their firearms, and you won’t need a purchase permit to acquire one from an FFL. Georgians also won’t receive any tax credits on firearms or ammunition purchases.

The state has stand-your-ground laws[22] with no duty to retreat. This means that if a person acts, according to a reasonable individual in self-defense, they may not be prosecuted - even if the situation occurs outside of the individual’s residence.

Brian Kemp recently signed legislation[23] that made it possible for Georgians to openly carry firearms in the state without a permit.

#20 Indiana

Any resident over 18 years old can open or concealed carry a firearm in Indiana without a permit unless prohibited from possessing a firearm. Indiana accepted CCW permits from 48 other states, and residents can travel to 32 other states with their Indiana permits.

Indiana does have Red Flag Laws where police officers have the authority to remove firearms from dangerous individuals. However, courts also have the duty[24] to rule on whether those firearms were removed lawfully within 14 days. The state doesn’t require registration for firearms.

Residents are protected from prosecution[25] in self-defense situations by the state’s stand-your-ground and castle doctrines with no duty to retreat.

While those purchasing firearms and ammunition will pay standard sales tax, a bill is currently sitting with the State’s Means & Ways Committee[26] to exempt firearms and ammunition.

Governor Eric Holcomb signed the bill to make Indiana a Constitutional Carry state, but also enacted legislation[27] to stop the purchase of equipment known to convert firearms to fully automatic. Depending on your 2A stance, this could be a positive or negative for gun owners in the state.

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I see WV is #2 yah Man !!


I honesty think Idaho should be number 1! Idaho is fantastic! I wont get into all the reasons as i dont want to write another book tonight!
But idaho is GREAT!!!
I mean horrible stay out dont come here! Lol


People seem to be leaving our state :confused:. Don’t know why ?


I worry about ID, lots of liberals in Bosie.
Same with AZ, people moving there because of the politics but then bringing their bs policies with them.


Most of the Californian’s that call themselves Conservatives are not very conservative at all. I have met some former California people in WV and know some from NC and not like the conservatives I know at all.


You are correct about Boise!!! The California refugees as they call themselves honestly think they are conservatives but really are Idaho left wing libtard democrats!!!
But i am not worried about them at all.
I am worried more about our governor who calls a special session to widen the hwy from emmett 16 to 84 so he can build 70,000 on his land and use his office for personal gain.
I am worried when his son can stop by my gunshop and tell me to remove political signs of people he nor his dad supports!!! I told him that was the American way. You can not control everyone and that is why i am supporting him! He said “remove them!” I said “you are on private property!” He said “Do you know who my dad is?” I said “i do not care if your dad is president of the united states, this is still private property and if you dont leave i will call the sheriff and have you ticketed and escorted off the property for trespassing!” He left but he didnt know i just got the governors son on video with audio telling me who i can support and cant support!!! It isnt going to go well for the governor!!!




Leftist diaspora is like rats swimming away from a ship because they chewed through its keel.


I actually would never imagined that WV was more free than Kentucky… @shooterrex y’all getting an influx of Libs and Dems in that state .

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Constutional carry. The big cities are lib the rest of the state not at all. We do have some goofy laws though. Suppose to use a shotgun to coyote hunt after dark. A rifle works much better.


Missouri would be higher if not for Kansas City and St Louis .
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I have killed several with a shotgun during turkey season . They come in close and a three inch number 6 load gets the job done .


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My grendel does a good job on yotes. So do the great Pyrenees.


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