History of Federal 12 Gauge Ammo


When you need dependability, consistency, and reliability while you’re in the field, your shotgun should always be loaded with Federal 12 gauge ammo. No matter what game animal you’re hunting, Federal shotgun ammo will not let you down at the moment of truth.

When that trophy whitetail is in your sights, Federal shotgun slugs will make sure that your freezer and bag limit are full. With rifle and non-rifled options, Federal shotgun ammo really gives you the versatility you need to make your 12 gauge a deep stopping machine.

Bird hunters know that Federal shot shells will fell any pheasant, turkey, or waterfowl that dare come in range. With their Blackcloud, Grand Slam, and Upload loads, Federal shotgun shells offer bird hunters the variety of birdshot they need.

And for self-defense situations, you cannot beat 00 Buckshot fired from Federal shot shells. With a tight pattern and manageable recoil, Federal 12 gauge ammo is the preferred choice of many homeowners.

No matter what you use your shotgun for, Federal shotgun shells won’t let you down in the moments when it matters most.

And the best way to purchase all of your Federal shotgun shells is by opting for bulk 12 gauge ammo at Ammo.com. We offer the absolute lowest possible cost for Federal shotgun shells, ensuring they arrive at your door in a discreet, unlabeled package.

No longer will your neighbors know that you’re locked and loaded with Federal shot shells, but you can rest quietly at night knowing your shotgun will be loaded with the highest quality ammo available. Buying Federal shot shells in bulk also means that you’re ready any time you want to go to the range to practice or shoot some skeet and trap with your best friends.

If hunting is your forte, then you cannot beat the lethality, range, and power that Federal 12 gauge slugs offer. Their prowess for putting deer on the ground and venison in the freezer is second to none, and there’s no hunter out there who wouldn’t feel confident carrying Federal shotgun shells into the woods.

If upland game or bird hunting is your thing, Federal 12 gauge ammo should always be your go-to option when you’re stalking turkeys, in the duck blind, or are kicking up pheasants. Blackcloud Federal Shot shells are a favorite of many bird hunters as they deliver tight patterns and ensure any bird in your sights ends up in your bag.

No matter what situation you might find yourself in, Federal shotgun shells will make sure that you are always adequately protected and armed to handle it. Built with the finest components and hulls, you can rest easy knowing that Federal 12 gauge ammo will always have you covered in any situation.

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