History of Bulk 7.62x39 Ammo


Developed towards the end of WWII by the Soviet Union, the 7.62x39 was an improvement on the German STG-44 assault rifle. It quickly became the standard cartridge for the AK-47, making it one of the most reliable rifle systems in the world.

Today, the 7.62x39 cartridge is widely used for tactical applications and home defense due to its reliability and stopping power. It is popular among shooting enthusiasts for target practice and medium-game hunting, offering versatility and effectiveness in both AK-47 and SKS rifles.


Why buy 7.62x39mm in bulk?

If you’re concerned about preparedness, any potential SHTF scenario, or just love to plink with your AK-47 or SKS, then buying 7.62x39mm in bulk is the best thing you can possibly do. Buying in bulk reduces your overall cost and ensures you always have ammo on hand, avoiding potential supply chain issues and high prices at shooting ranges. Bulk purchases also allow for more consistent practice sessions, helping to improve your marksmanship. Here at Ammo.com, we cut out the corporate red tape and sell you the lowest-cost bulk ammo on the market. Just put in your 1000-round 7.62x39 order and we will discreetly ship it to your doorstep in an unmarked package. We also offer a wide variety of other calibers in bulk, so be sure to check out our selection, including 300 AAC bulk ammo.

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What makes the 7.62x39mm the go-to ammo for the AK-47?

The 7.62x39mm is the go-to ammo for the AK-47 due to its reliability, stopping power, and compatibility with the rifle’s design. These AK rounds are known for their durability and effectiveness in various conditions, making them ideal for both tactical applications and recreational shooting.

What’s the difference between steel and brass casing?

Steel casings are typically less expensive and more durable, but they can be harder on your firearm’s components and may not be reloadable. Brass casings, on the other hand, are more flexible and easier on the firearm, making them preferred by many shooters for their performance and longevity.

How far does 7.62x39mm shoot accurately?

The 7.62x39mm is effective up to distances of several hundred yards, depending on the specific load and barrel length. For more detailed information, check out our 7.62x39mm ballistics charts.

Is 7.62x39mm suitable for hunting?

Yes, the 7.62x39mm is excellent for hunting medium game. Its stopping power and effective range make it a reliable choice whether you’re stalking whitetail in dense woods or taking down feral hogs. For the best hunting ammo options, check out our 7.62x39mm hunting ammo page.