Wolf Ammo Review: Is Cheap Ammo Worth the Trouble?

Wolf ammo has unfortunately gotten a bad rap as being cheap Russian ammo that shooters should stay away from at all costs.

In this Wolf ammo review, we will bust that myth and show you why Wolf Performance Ammunition is a quality, cheap ammo the average shooting enthusiasts should stock up on.

Let’s get started!

Is Wolf Ammo Good?

Yes, Wolf ammo is good for target shooting and hunting. However, most indoor ranges have banned the steel core bullets used by Wolf because they damage the range backstop, so it’s not good for everyone.

While this ammo is non-corrosive, part of the reason that some of it is at a great price is that it’s essentially a one-time-use cartridge.

If you’re a reloader, you’ll want to stay away from most of the Wolf Ammunition line-up (besides their brass-cased ammo, Wolf Gold) because they use Berdan primers and polymer-coated steel-cased ammunition. Which makes reloading virtually impossible, as you know.

Wolf is great ammo for plinking, training, and hunting on a tight budget. It’s reliable and is available in the most common calibers, including rimfire and centerfire rounds. Whether you’re looking for handgun or bulk 7.62x39 rifle ammunition, Wolf is a great brand to quickly stockpile without taking a second and third mortgage out on your house.

Pros and Cons of Wolf Performance Ammunition

I’m not here to blow smoke and claim that Wolf Ammo is the greatest ever. However, I think it’s worth weighing the pros and cons to determine if you’re a shooter who would benefit from purchasing Wolf ammunition.


  • Inexpensive
  • Reliable
  • Reasonably accurate
  • Can buy in bulk ammo


  • Some rounds are non-reloadable
  • The steel core rounds are not allowed at most indoor ranges

What Our Customers Have to Say About Wolf Ammo

Positive Wolf Ammo Reviews

“For relatively cheap ammo, it works fairly well. I only had 1 misfire out of about 200 rds just had a little too much lacquer on it.”

“The rounds shoot reliably and consistently. Great for practice at the range and a good value for the price.”

“Shoots well - cleans up well - haven’t had any issues in 500 rounds. The only caveat is that there’s some steel in the bullet - I don’t think the entire bullet is steel, but we were turned away when we went to shoot at a local indoor rifle range - the fella used a magnet to test the bullets.

One area where I was surprised was how clean the propellant burns - having listened to some folks talk, I expected to find a mess on the bolt face and in the receiver, but that just has not been my experience”

Negative Wolf Ammo Reviews

“Bought the Wolf in 95-grain FMJ. Misfires, jams, and stovepipes in my Ruger LCP. 1st 25 rds were ok, but at the end of 50 would jam every time. May be dirty powder. I took it home and gave it a good cleaning …will try again.”

“This ammo is garbage. Steel casing has a hard time ejecting, and ammo is flipping end-over-end until the target. Literally have lengthwise silhouette holes in the target with about an 18” spread at 100 yards. It’s like firing a curveball; you don’t know where it will hit unless you can predict the flipping rotation. Absolute garbage!”

There are overwhelmingly more positive Ammo.com customer reviews for Wolf ammo than negative reviews.

I have also had more positive experiences with Wolf Ammo than negative ones. I primarily shoot outside at paper targets, so I don’t mind burning through a box or two of steel core WPA on the days I feel like plinking. However, I tend to stick with Hornady for self-defense and Winchester for hunting.

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Never had any issues with any I’ve shot


I’ve shot a lot of it, steel and brass cased. lot of people won’t shoot steel. i’ve never had any trouble out of it other than being dirty. takes longer too clean up after a shoot with it.


I never shot it before, but I dont like tons of cleaning after a range session so I would probably pass.


I have shot hundreds of rounds in different calibers (.223, 7.62x39, 308, 9mm and 6.5 Grendal that I can think of at this moment) of Wolf steel. The only “issue” I had / have is some of it got rust spots. Very small outside superficial marks. I wiped them off (didn’t have sandpaper with me). They jammed in the 5.56 chamber. That was 100% my fault. In the AK and pistols and AR to that point no issues. They are stored in a cool dry place so the rust must have still arrived after years of storage. It is not “accurate” ammo. It gives me inexpensive ammo for bulk training at close ranges.


Have shot a bunch, 9mm, x39, .223 + sitting on more I use regularly.
Only difference now is the price, it isn’t cheap anymore.
I remember x39 @ $79/1000 + $300 AK’s [get off my lawn] :grinning:
Only reason I bought a few commie tools was the cheap ammo.
Only a few $ more for brass now - which IMO is way better + easily reloaded.


Oh yeah, those cases can rust up if you so much as breathe on them. Not a good pick if you’re looking for something that’ll withstand light rain, let alone apocalyptic conditions.


The 7.62x39 ive shot several thousand rounds. Dont remember any problems except a newly built AR in that caliber. It was the gun not the ammo.
All my Grendels like the Wolf ammo.


Are you speaking of the Creedmor or the Grendel, i dont ever see Grendel ammo anymore at stores here and dont see 6.5Grendel caliber rifles but I do see Creedmor ammo and Guns


6.5 Grendel. I only have 2 6.5 Creedmoors


You can find it here, it’s all Hornady though. No federal fusuion to be found. i think they stoped making it. that’s what my gun is sighted in with. and if you do find it you can bet it’s old stuff.


Good Lord @shooterrex lol, that a crap ton of ammo . I never heard of that place .


Just 500 rounds.


When you have 4 grendels to feed 500 rounds isnt much.


About the rust issue, if they have the lacquer they shouldn’t rust. I bought this in 1999 and I lived on the coast and it has been through two moves. Yes, I keep it in the house, however the room it was in for over 10 years does not have central A/C or heat. It has a window unit and “space” heater. I got this on a oops from a vendor, I ordered 1,000 7.62x39 for $99 and got this. I have shot just over half.