The Best Ammo for Glock 19: Our Top 5 9mm Ammo Picks for 2024

So, you just picked up a Glock 19 and are wondering what 9mm ammunition you should feed it. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

With so many different 9mm ammunition options available, it can be hard to understand which factory loads work best for your Glock 19 handgun. That’s where I come in!

I’ve tested these rounds in various Glock 19 models I borrowed from my buddies and ranked them according to how they performed.

Below, you’ll find my top 5 picks for the best 9mm ammo you should be loading into your Glock 19 mags.

If you simply cannot wait, the best overall 9mm Luger ammo for your Glock 19 is PMC Bronze 115gr FMJ.

The Best Ammo for a Glock 19 On the Market in 2024

Best Overall Glock 19 Ammo PMC Bronze 115 grain FMJ
Best 9mm For Self Defense Speer Gold Dot 124 gr GDHP
Best for Target Shooting Winchester Target and Practice 115 gr FMJ
Best Subsonic Round Federal American Eagle 147 gr FMJ
Best for Bulk Ammo CCI Blazer Brass 124 gr FMJ

Testing Procedure

During the ammo testing process, I consider many critical factors, including, but not limited to, the following.

  • What was the round designed to do?
  • Ballistic performance
  • Price
  • How well it cycles in a Glock 19
  • Accuracy

When discussing the best ammo for any situation, we must consider what the round was intended for; was it designed for target shooting, self-defense, or as a subsonic round? Each of these applications will require a different bullet style, weight, and price point. So, I think the best Glock 19 ammo should take every shooting application into consideration.

Ballistic performance will vary from gun to gun, even though it’s a Glock 19. The best ammo for a Glock 19 Gen 5 will slightly vary in ballistic performance compared to the best ammo for a Glock 19x. So, with this in mind, I tried to rank these rounds accordingly.

Let’s face it: Our budgets are a large contributing factor to which ammo we ultimately purchase. However, I’m less concerned about price when buying personal defense rounds than I am when buying plinking ammo. Some rounds are simply more important and worth spending more money on.

Unless I’m training for how to clear malfunctions while using dummy rounds, I want my ammo to cycle flawlessly. This is why I shoot at various speeds to determine how well the round will cycle in a Glock 19.

Lastly, if I can’t hit the broad side of a barn with the round, what good is it? I want a round that’s fun to shoot, which means it’s also accurate because not knowing where your bullet will hit is dangerous and not fun.

Best Ammo For Glock 19 Overall

PMC Bronze 115 grain FMJ


  • Casing: Brass
  • Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
  • Bullet Weight: 115 grains
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1,150 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 338 ft-lbs
Pros Cons
Accurate Some indoor ranges require TMJ bullets

Why I Chose It

When you’re picking the best ammo for your Glock 19, you want a round that is inexpensive to shoot, has low recoil, and goes “bang” every time you pull the trigger. PMC Bronze 115 grain FMJ ammo fits that bill to a “T.”

While shooting this ammo, I found that it has low recoil thanks to its 115 grain bullet weight. The lower recoil also allowed me to be more accurate. I also appreciate the lower overall cost per round compared to many competitors. I love this range ammo because you won’t feel bad about blasting through more than one box at a time!

The only minor downside I found to PMC Bronze is that they use a traditional full metal jacket (FMJ) bullet instead of a total metal jacket (TMJ) bullet. Some indoor ranges require TMJ ammo to minimize lead contamination, so if you plan to shoot indoors, it would be a smart move to call ahead and ask what type of ammo is permitted.

However, the low cost per round more than makes up for the standard FMJ bullet and I found this ammo to be 100% reliable in all my Glock pistols.

Overall, PMC Bronze 9mm Luger 115 grain FMJ ammo offers an incredibly high-quality round that is great for target practice and maintaining your marksmanship skills for concealed carry.

Honorable Mention

Magtech 115 gr FMJ – Although a hair more expensive, Magtech 115 grain FMJ ammo is a close second choice for the overall best Glock 19 ammo. I found these factory loads to be incredibly reliable and accurate in all my Glocks. The Magtech brass cases are also reloadable if you enjoy handloading like I do. This puts Magtech 115 gr FMJ ammo in a close second-place finish and a great alternative if PMC isn’t available.

Best Self-Defense Ammo for Glock 19

Speer Gold Dot 124 gr GDHP


  • Casing: Nickel-Plated Brass
  • Bullet Type: Gold Dot Hollow Point (GDHP)
  • Bullet Weight: 124 grains
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1,150 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 364 ft-lbs
Pros Cons
Proven self-defense track record for CCW and law enforcement Cases not the best for reloading
Extremely reliable
Amazing terminal performance
Reasonably priced for hollow point ammo

Why I Chose It

Picking the best self-defense ammo for a Glock 19 is a tall order as there are so many good choices (and we have a lot of honorable mentions below). However, we simply could not find a better option than the Speer Gold Dot 124 grain JHP ammo.

The Gold Dot hollow point (GDHP) provides exceptional terminal performance with deep enough penetration to punch through the thickest fabrics. This ammo is often carried by law enforcement officers (many of my police buddies swear by it) as well as CCW permit holders and has a proven track record in both FBI ballistic gel testing and real-life police shootings.

I found this personal defense ammo to be extremely accurate from shot to shot, with a thorough powder burn that makes cleanup a breeze.

As an avid reloader, I’ve found that nickel-plated brass cases can be somewhat problematic for reloading. However, thanks to the smooth feeding, enhanced reliability, and corrosion resistance of the nickel plating, I didn’t have any jams while testing these rounds at the range.

As I’m sure you can imagine, defense rounds aren’t cheap when compared to FMJ ammo. However, the added bullet expansion, over-penetration protection, and stopping power are well worth the few extra dollars that Speer Gold Dot 124 gr JHP ammo offers.

When it matters most, reach for a box of Speer Gold Dots to load up your EDC Glock 19…You won’t be disappointed.

Honorable Mention

Hornady Critical Defense 115 gr FTX JHP – Hornady Critical Defense FTX offers top-of-the-line performance thanks to features like the patented polymer Flex Tip. This tip allows maximum penetration while eliminating hollow point clogging that can occur when a bullet passes through clothing.

Winchester PDX1 147 gr JHP +P – Descended from the legendary Winchester Ranger hollow point bullet, the newer PDX1 Defender represents the company’s latest advancements in hollow point technology. Featuring a notched hollow point design, the PDX1 is designed to expand rapidly into six even segments when it encounters soft tissue. However, as many shooters understand, sometimes you have to pay for performance, and the PDX1 is a real powerhouse self-defense ammo.

Federal HST 124 gr JHP – The Federal HST hollow point has become a mainstay for concealed carry and law enforcement. Descended from the mighty Federal Hydra-Shok, the HST represents the next generation of hollow point bullet technology. Designed for rapid expansion through multiple barriers, the Federal HST boasts a nearly 100% weight retention to transfer the maximum amount of kinetic energy into the target and prevent over-penetration. An excellent choice for concealed carry, home defense, or EDC, the 124 grain Federal HST JHP will deliver when your life is on the line (just at a slightly higher cost per round).

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I use 115 gr fmj for targets. Whatever is on sale.
115 gr Gold dots for carry. My glock likes gold dots.