Not bad work for a injured tank mechanic

Moved the boys out of the revolver category


I like the title !!:laughing:

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@albroswift . Very nice indeed. Is that Maple?
I hate to admit it but, I’ve never shot an AK . Maybe someday.

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Ash from the forests of Serbia. Zastava builds the AK in Serbia, welds the break, puts a thumbhole stock on, other import requirements, then sends to their own US factory and undoes everything (so I’ve heard anyway) QA/QC’s them and then off to the retailers. They seem to be a quality build.
AK’s are fun to shoot, Just like every other gun… Figured I needed one, so why not 2? The underfolder I bought with a bunch of aftermarket parts, rail, AR extension and stock, fortunately all the original parts were saved and no drilling or other mods were performed so it went back as Comrade Kalashnikov intended. Has the grenade launcher sights on it as well.