Not a Gunsmith but

Came across a few rifles that I found in a scrap barrel. The price was right so I took possession.
After sanding off some rust I discovered one of them was a Winchester 9422 in 22LR.
It was just a barreled action, covered in rust with a broken lever. No wood, no sights and missing the mag tube. After letting it soak in WD-40 for a few days, I was able to get it disassembled and cleaned up a bit. Was able to TIG the lever with good results.
Surprisingly, the rifling looked pretty good so i mounted it in a vice, took a few shots and discovered it shot pretty straight.
Here it is after i did some work to it.

I didn’t like the Factory magazine tube retainer as it was. It could allow the tube to come out easily if there wasn’t any rounds in the it.
Found a retainer from an old Remington pump that had a more positive catch and modified it to fit.

Lost one round capacity in the magazine but that was okay with me.
Next, got some Walnut blanks that looked pretty good. Figured I’d do a Schnabel fore end without the barrel band. Turned out to be tricky. Had to make a block, dovetailed into the barrel with the mag tube going through it.
The fore arm is attached to the block with a screw.

The front sight , hood and folding rear I got from Brownell’s, when they catered to mostly gunsmithing. The rear peep is an older Marbles, modified to fit.
The butt stock was fitted for a Neidner butt plate, also pretty tricky. Length of pull was made for an 11 year old kid. He’s grown up to be a full sized young man, ( go figure), however, still pretty shootable and fairly accurate.


Great share!

And…where do you find scrap firearms? :grin:


Old gunsmiths who’ve accumulated a lifetime of unwanted stuff.
I was in the right place at the right time.
( i got more, by the way)


The Tang site peep on the 94-22 is that original or additional by you ? Some actually could be ordered that way at one time long ago as I understand it. Nice Pics

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No, it wasn’t original. That one came from a
" junk" box. I had to shorten the base, drill and
counter bore to fit the upper tang.


I happen to know a gunsmith that has some junk guns! Lol No 9422s though. When i do take on an apprentice i use these guns to teach cutting dovetails, disassembly, draw filing, polishing, bluing snd color case hardening.


58Marine i will say you did a great job with the 9422. You took a basket case and made a nice looking but functional little rifle out of it! Very nice!


Lol, no pun intended, :rofl: cause I think he said it was in a basket :rofl:


Thank you for the compliment. Coming from you, that really means alot.

I’ve tried Oxpho blue, with varying results. :joy:
I never got into proper bluing. I had to sub out the bluing job to local gunsmith.


Another rifle I "resurrected " was this Remington 722, in .300 Savage, acquired from the scrap barrel. Sorry, I don’t have any before pics.

Just a heavily rusted barreled action wth the bolt. Again, the rifling turned out to be pretty good. Ended up doing alot of work to this one. Found a decent walnut blank that turned out to have better figure than I expected. Did a Schnabel on the fore end and fitted shop made low profile sling mounts.

Fitted a shop made steel grip cap, modified a commercial Mauser floor plate and trigger guard.

Pillar bedded the action and recoil lug with Devcon aluminum. Floated the barrel. The extractor was missing so fitted a Sako extractor to the bolt. Lapped bolt lugs.
Used Devcon to bed a 3-9 Leupold into the scope rings,( long story) but worked out good.
A local gunsmith did an awesome job fitting a 700 trigger and rust bluing the metal.
Lastly, made a hand type neck sizer and bullet seater, just for grins.

With proper loads, shoots nice.


WOW, no way to tell it was ever dead, nice work :+1:


I honestly know nothing about your back ground but that is some nice work!


Well, I’m a tool & die maker. Some of the gun stuff I’ve done is kinda routine for me. Some of it I had to go out of my comfort zone…
especially making and finishing the wood work.
I read alot, too. James Howe, P.O. Ackley,
Harry Pope, Bob Brownell, Boyd Mace…
many others.


Any gunsmith that isnt a machinist IS NOT a gunsmith!!! You got it licked!!! No wonder your stuff comes out nice. At times i have not worked as a gunsmith, i have worked as a machinist, or even as a cowboy! But machining is the key. Then metal prep for finishing. Black oxide, Niter, charcoal, rust bluing, as well as color case hardening are just having the right tools and enough experience to know how to fix something if it is going bad!


I am a hack with some tools and jigs!
Some simple and not so simple projects from the past.

File/ stone 90 degree holder

AR308 barrel alignment blocks

1911 Slide gauge

Don’t remember what I was doing here…

1911 bushing cut

Careful with the decimal points when ordering from McMaster-Carr. Think I was looking for 0.110 and ordered a 0.0110, and dam if they didn’t have one…


Super cool abilities you have, much envy

Did you make a gold bushing?

How does it look installed?

Does it foul up quick?


Bushing was photo above. Brass wobbler is a cam for a little “D” valve steamer.

This was on display at the Maritime Museum in Tacoma, WA for a couple years.


Some other steamers, not mine, next skill level up

Video app is behaving well lately.


What a super cool gadget!


Al very nice jigs and fixtures! I like it. It is easy spend more time making tools than product if i am not careful.