John Moses Browning

Last rifle Browning designed for Winchester

1895 Winchester in 405 WCF. Built 1929.

Last Rifle Browning designed for Remington (Also produced by FN)

Model 8 in .35 Remington built in 1907

God Created Man
Samuel Colt made them equal
John Moses Browning made them civilized


I know from reading and such that 35 Remington was the cartridge choice of that particular ERA . Wasn’t the 1895 designed specifically around the use of 35Rem. cartridge.


Absolutely much truth there !!!


The 1895 was designed around modern (for the time) cartridges in a levergun. Trying to look it up, first in .30 Army (30-40 Kraig, .30US) , then 405, 303, 30-06, etc. Maybe the strongest levergun Winchester ever produced.


I have know several guys through the years who love 35 Rem specifically for its capability to handle a little more brush than smaller calibers with less deflection. Some areas of my property are perfect for the shorter range caliber such as 35Rem.
I find those bigger caliber revolver rounds to handle Autumn olive branches and iron weeds and small tree branches.

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“The Medicine Gun for Lions” I like that !! I never shot a 405 is it a tapered cartridge ??

Just slightly, enough to get out of the chamber.

I.m loading about 55gr H4895 behind a 300rg Interlock SP. Punishes on both ends.


2148 is no slouch. the 200gr FTX for my .460 run about that fast but I prefer the 300gr cast . I am using a lee mold they usually drop about 295gr. and I run them at 1900fps I recently went back and made a few tamer loads running 1750 lots easier on the hand.


The father of the Ma Deux and the 1911, the Ithaca Model 37 shotgun, the Browning M35 pistol. Anyone who has delved into his designs sees a simplicity of parts yet a complexity of functionality. He was truly a genious of mechanical design.