History of Fiocchi 308 Ammo


Established in 1876, Fiocchi Munizioni is one of Italy’s oldest ammunition manufacturers. For nearly 150 years, Fiocchi Ammunition has provided shooters with incredibly accurate and affordable ammo to Europe and North America.

Without question, the 308 Winchester is one of the most popular centerfire cartridges in North America for big game hunting and long-range shooting. Developed in 1952 to replace the 30-06 Springfield, the 308 Winchester has seen extensive use from the US military as well as civilian big game hunters. The round has incredible versatility, capable of firing a wide range of bullet weights and achieving ranges near 1,000 yards.

If you’re looking for unparalleled reliability without paying the price for premium ammo, then make sure you consider Fiocchi 308 ammo. Fiocchi 308 is renowned for being extremely accurate, clean shooting, and reliable without paying match-grade prices.

Specifically formulated for the ideal powder burn, Fiocchi 308 ammo is perfect for any semi-automatic rifle like the M1A, FAL, or Kel-Tec RFB or bolt-action hunting rifles like a Remington 700 or Winchester Model 70.

Fiocchi 308 ammunition is available in five different varieties: Range Dynamics, Field Dynamics, Hyperformance Match, Knock Down, and Hyperformance Hunt.

Fiocchi 308 Range Dynamics is perfect for when you want to hit the range and punch some holes in paper or tin cans, but don’t want to deplete your ammo budget for the month. Field Dynamics, Knock Down, and Hyperformance Hunt Fiocchi 308 ammo is perfect for big game hunting, as it is designed for excellent terminal ballistics while preserving the meat and ensuring your trophy ends up on the wall.

However, if you want the pinnacle of accuracy, then you need to get your hands on some Fiocchi 308 Hyperformance Match. Loaded with either a 168 gr or 175 gr HPBT Sierra Matchking bullet, these rounds will produce sub-MOA accuracy out of most any 308 Win rifle provided you do your part.

How Can You Save Money Buying Fiocchi 308 Ammo?

Here at Ammo.com we do everything we can to ensure that your cost per round is as low as possible to keep your favorite 308 rifle full of premium Fiocchi 308. With ammo shortages looming on the horizon, the best thing you can do is make sure you load up on all the best Fiocchi 308 ammo you can get your hands on. And we can help you with that!

The best way to save money when you’re stocking up for your favorite 308 Win firearms is by purchasing bulk 308 ammo. Although the upfront costs are higher, the cost per round is lower. This way, you’re actually saving money every time you hit the range. Thankfully 308 ammunition is relatively inexpensive to begin with, which makes it a lot easier to buy bulk Fiocchi 308 ammo.

We’ve got tons of Fiocchi 308 ammo for sale at the lowest prices on the web. And our massive supply of 308 Winchester is ready to ship discreetly to your door at the click of a mouse. Get your ammo stockpiles stacked to the rafters for target practice, plinking, big game hunting, or any SHTF situation so that your favorite 308 rifle or pistol never runs dry of Fiocchi 308 when you need them the most.


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