History of Bulk 308 Ammo


The development of the 308 Winchester began after WWII and was completed post-Korean Conflict. Though it only briefly served front-line soldiers in Vietnam, it quickly became the precision rifle round of choice for military, police, and civilians. The 308 Winchester, also known as 7.62x51, is favored for its consistent performance and long-range accuracy.


Why buy 308 ammo in bulk?

If you own a rifle chambered in 308, then you owe it to yourself to purchase bulk 308 ammo and save. Buying in bulk saves you money by cutting out the middleman and avoiding inflated prices at sporting goods stores and gun ranges. The key to extreme accuracy is consistent practice, and we understand that ammo prices can make it hard to decide if you’re going to practice at the range or not. When you load up on bulk ammo, you can keep your marksmanship skills at high levels without depleting your hard-earned cash, ensuring you have a steady supply for consistent practice.

And not only do we have bulk 308 ammo, but we also have your NATO needs covered with 7.62x51 bulk ammo. Whether you want to feed your NATO precision rifle or your 308 Winchester hunting rifle, we have all your bulk 308 ammo needs covered.

You can also check out our wide variety of other calibers in bulk, such as bulk 22 ammo and 300 AAC bulk ammo.

Difference between .308 vs 7.62x51mm

The main difference between .308 and 7.62x51mm lies in their dimensions and pressure ratings. While they are similar, the 7.62x51mm has a thicker case wall and can handle higher pressures. Always consult your rifle’s manufacturer guidelines to ensure compatibility and safety.

How far does .308 Win shoot accurately?

The .308 Winchester is known for its long-range accuracy and can effectively shoot at long distances. For a specific breakdown, check out our .308 ballistics page!

Is 308 ammo good for hunting?

Yes, 308 ammo is excellent for hunting due to its versatility and effectiveness. It provides consistent performance, making it a reliable choice for taking game from a distance. Whether you’re hunting deer, elk, or other big game, 308 ammo offers the accuracy and stopping power needed to make clean, ethical shots.

How should I store bulk 308 ammo?

To ensure your bulk 308 ammo remains in optimal condition, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Using airtight containers can help prevent moisture and humidity from affecting the ammunition. Proper storage extends the shelf life and maintains the performance of your ammo.


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